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Men     38

Women      65

Children     30



Single process     75

Demi- permanent     65


Gloss     50       



Formal Up     95

Formal Down     65

Blowout     45 


Specialty Services

grey blending

grey transition

 color correction

creative color

bleach & tone

** Priced upon consultation



The Circle Chronicles     30+ 

Olaplex treatment     50     





                                                                           accents                     75

           partial                      100                          full                            200



partial                   120

full                         220


face framing             85    

             full head                 175

*Toner is an additional charge


We are proud to be a Keratin Complex® certified salon.

We offer their entire line of smoothing systems.


There is a keratin treatment available for any hair type and texture.


Signature Smoothing Solution     350 +

Best for: any hair type with frizz and/or curl seeking the longest lasting smoothness, manageability, and protection against humidity. Guaranteed smoothness for up to 7 months.

72 hours of downtime.

Signature Smoothing Solution (for fragile hair)     350 +

Best for: any hair type with frizz and/or curl that needs extra care and conditioning- such as fragile and extremely processed hair- and still wants the longest lasting results. Guaranteed smoothness for up to 7 months. 

72 hours of downtime.


Best seller!

   Express Keratin Smoothing Solution     135 +

($99 when added to a colour service.)

Best for: any hair type with frizz and/or curl looking for a quick smoothing solution.

No processing time, can be done the same day of any other service. Guaranteed smoothness for up to 8 weeks.

8 hours of downtime.


Personalized Blow-out      99 +

The most versatile of all the Keratin Complex smoothing solutions, this service can be totally tailored to your unique needs. From frizz reduction to maximum smoothness,

and everything in-between.

Best for: any client with natural texture that is looking to define curl, increase manageability, and reduce frizz. 

No downtime.

**Please note, all prices are listed as estimates and are subject to change. Factors such as length, density, health of hair, and duration of time in order to achieve a desired goal contribute to the actual cost of service.